The Risk Paradigm of Behavioural Aggression

...the organisation must ensure they adequately assess and develop a risk framework that addresses the dimension of behavioural threat's...
Assessing Behavioural Risk
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Managing problem

Addressing behavioural risk adequately requires a multidisciplinary approach involving Risk, Legal, Operations and HR and external experts.

A Behavioural Threat Assessment Team is a vital control for every large organisation.

Ensuring a Safe Work environment

Behavioural Risk Management as an Organisational Approach

Addressing how behavioural aggression can be framed within the organisation is vital to identifying how the organisation responds.

The risk framework is a logical place to tie together the policies, teams and departments to address the risk of behavioural aggression in the workplace. The challenge is many organisations do not understand the nature of behavioural aggression risk and how to embed this in your framework for risk management.

The controls and treatments for managing the risk of behavioural aggression are the key to framing your organisational response. A threat assessment and management team (TAM Team) is only one element of managing the behavioural threats identified within an organisation.


Supporting a Safe Work Environment

The philosophy of our approach is built upon positive intervention in the case of behavioural threats to your organisation and staff. Our methodology is straight forward, the organisation ensures they adequately assess and develop a risk framework that addresses the dimension of behavioural threat management.

This framework outlines the controls and treatments that the organisation has in place to address the risk of behavioural aggression. Targeted skills training prepares teams and individual staff to identify and respond to behavioural threats that once identified can be effectively assessed for risk and a response designed to address the risk of behavioural aggression to your organisation. Further planning see’s reactive responses developed to assist in containing and recovering from adverse events.

Understanding and applying a paradigm specifically for risk of behavioural aggression allows the organisation to take a measured approach to assess the potential risk and consequences this type of risk poses to an organisation. As seen internationally the potential harm caused by aggression can have severe impacts on both individuals and organisations. The organisation therefore must prepare both proactive measures and reactive measures to this category of risk. Behavioural risk, in our experience, needs to be viewed as an inherent part of your organisation’s place within the community as you cannot potentially anticipate or eliminate all behavioural risk. Therefore, the organisation needs active processes in place to manage the risk of aggression to your organisation, staff and students.

Clearly defining the terminology associated with behavioural risk is the starting point. Risk and threat are terms used carelessly, out of context and interchangeably in this field. This causes confusion and muddies the path forward.