Code Black provide psychological safety and workplace violence consultations to senior management, HR and OH&S. 

...forensic psychologists have specialised training in mental health and the law navigating the complexities of cases including psychological harm that threatens the provision of a safe work environment.

​Psychological harms in the workplace are expensive, WorkSafe figures contrast the disproportionate costs of claims with psychological claims nearing three times that of slip trips and falls at close to $300,000 per claim.


Our psychologists insight help HR executive and senior management who are experiencing staffing problems from mental health issues to low performance and disruption, causing a ripple effect of psychological harm on those around them. These psychological consultations provide the insights as to why some individuals may interact in dysfunctional and harmful ways and apply these insights into meaningful and pragmatic management strategies. 

Solutions Focused

All consultations aim to deliver an effective solution ​that cuts through the complexity for clients. 

Engaging Code Black will follow a process similar to below: 

  1. Initial consultation - differential diagnosis & discussion of the situation and options to address developing terms of reference;

  2. Forensic review of background materials;  

  3. Analysis of risk with detailed outline of solution and strategies and implementation plan;

  4. Supporting processes implemented and monitored.