Code Black support psychologically-enhanced  case resolution...

Forensic psychology operates at the intersection of mental health, policing and the law. 

Code Black provides psychological evaluations in criminal and civil cases requiring:

  • Diagnostic assessments;

  • Violence risk and threat assessments;

  • Stalking risk assessments;

  • Impact assessments for survivors ;

  • Fitness to plead assessments;

  • Family violence impact assessments and reports

  • Parenting capacity and child protection assessments;

  • Expert testimony.

We also provide clinical/forensic expertise to aid the navigation of complex cases, such as those involving persistently aggressive and resentful litigants. Code Black provides strategic advice to enhance the effectiveness of the legal communications, the agility of the approach, and satisfaction of the parties that the best available resolution has been reached. Our consultations include:

  • Managing the impacts of toxic workplaces;

  • Psychological insights to promote case resolution; ​

  • Forensically informed ADR.