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Proactively addressing risk posed by those who use aggression is critical to the wellbeing of all students and staff.

The eduction sector plays a unique role in the lives of young people when they first reach independence. As they learn and grow, with some making mistakes, others experience mental health challenges. Both situations can see individuals choose to use problem behaviour.​ Managing individuals who pose a risk requires support from robust policies and processes along with teams who are skilled in identifying and at least initially assessing the level of risk that may be posed. ​​


  • Assessing and managing the threat posed by individuals (staff or student) delivered in the form of a report

  • Organisational risk management: process and systems

  • Skill building for staff: face-to-face executive workshops | training | e-training

  • Policy and process review

  • Capacity building consultations for violence risk management teams

  • RNA consultation and advice


  • Extensive University client-base across all states in Australia and New Zealand

  • Peak body engagement

  • Problem behaviour research and publications

  • Development of University Code of Conducts 

  • Multiple independent reviews for Universities response to AHRC 'Change the Course' recommendations 

Case Examples...

Violence Risk 

Violence Risk Management for Safety and Brand Reputation

Behavioural Threat Assessment and Management 

Equipping Staff to defensibly Manage Student  Behaviour


High profile academics are vulnerable to aggression

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