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Death Threats in the AFL 

17 Dec 2020

Dr. Lisa Warren, clinical and forensic psychologist at Code Black Threat Management, says sending death threats in cloak-and-dagger increases their impact. 


"When someone says, 'I'm going to kill you,' what they do is create a sense of uncertainty: What's going to happen next? Is this going to happen? When's it going to happen? And that uncertainty can be really traumatic," she told ESPN. "What we know about online stalking, as an example: The trauma that is created in the person who is being targeted is about as impactful as people who have been serving in war."

2020 Safeguarding Australia Summit, Canberra 

20-21 May

Safeguarding Australia is the nation’s longest running and

most influential national security summit since 2003. The

2020 summit will discuss the current threats to Australia’s national security, and consider the nature of the threats, capability of threat actors, the damage they may do to

Australia and our strategic response.

Dr Lisa Warren will be a speaker at this years conference. 

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2019 AAPM National Conference, Brisbane 

1-4 Oct 2019​

The AAPM National Conference offers a professional development opportunity which develops and reinforces the core principles of healthcare practice management.

Dr Lisa Warren will be running a workshop titled: "Aggressive and difficult behaviours from patients or their families." 

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InPsych Magazine: Psychological Violence 

August 2019

Psychological trauma can arise from psychological violence, which can be a singular event or a persistent hounding.


Ruby Basocak and Dr Lisa Warren write about the impact of stalking behaviours in the latest edition of InPsych. 

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ASIAL Podcast: Redefining Insider Threats 

16 Aug 2019

In this episode, we speak with Dr Lisa Warren, a pioneer of the behavioural threat management field in Australia. Dr Warren is an internationally recognised expert in the evaluation of those who persistently perpetrate aggression, sexual harms and social media harms. Dr Warren explains why the traditional definition of an insider threat, that being an employee, or former employee, who takes proprietary data for personal gain is perhaps no longer accurate in that it is not broad enough.

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VICE: Psychological Effects of Online Threats 

22 July 2019

Warren said that one of the keys to getting back to normal is drawing up and implementing safety precautions aimed at controlling that “What if?” thinking that can be so poisonous. “It’s that creation of uncertainty that gives your threatener power over you. Because the more you are sitting there thinking, ‘What if they do this? What if they do that?’ [then] the threat’s worked."

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2019 ASIAL Security Conference, Sydney 

24-26 July 2019​

The ASIAL Security Conference hosts a compelling program of renowned local and international experts, academics and visionaries addressing how to strengthen your capabilities, managing risk, a digital future, emerging technologies and innovations, integration and more.

Dr Lisa Warren is one of the headline speakers at this event, running a a session on: "Responding to the Threat from Within: An Expanded Definition of Insider Threats." 

The Age: Psychological Violence   

24 May 2019

Psychological violence is real, it impacts daily life as much as, and sometimes more than, physical violence. This is Jane's story. 

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The Hidden Message Behind Violence   

Dec 2018

Dr Lisa Warren discusses the hidden message behind violent behaviour and why listening is important. 

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