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Few services provide a focus on those targeted by problem behaviour. Code Black Private  offer the insights and understandings the legal system alone cannot, to enable protection strategies for individuals...

COVID 19 Changes
Unfortunately Code Black Threat Management is unable to assist private patients. Our family violence assessments and report service is still available - please have your lawyer contact us.

Code Black Private is a specialist clinical service that combines our knowledge to effectively work with the legal profession and police. We truely understand victims perspective and provide cut through support for individuals who are being, or have been, targeted by interpersonal harms anywhere in their world (such as workplace, education, online or family).

Staffed by postgraduate-trained female psychologists, Code Black Private offers a safe space for genuine validation of your concerns, evidence-based treatment, and practical interventions for physical and psychological safety, with measurable outcomes.

Multidisciplinary Approach 

Psychological violence has a greater and longer lasting impact than physical many cases the victims just want to be left alone however this is the greatest challenge as many systems do not understand the complexities. Multidisciplinary teams that collaborate are far more effective in navigating the complexities of psychological violence. 

Understanding you situation is our speciality, aiding your legal team or the police provides a team that cuts through the challenges victims have. We work with lawyers, individuals, and organisations.

Case Examples
Coercive Control

Psychological injuries leave no visible mark

Family Violence

Expert Opinion for the courts

Our Service

Code Black is a premium, private sector provider of scientifically-based, highly practical psychological services for individuals seeking discrete support.

Our services include...


Our comprehensive assessments and reports with detailed findings and recommendations are sought after by policing, health providers and legal firms. 

We use a clinically informed approach which we tailor to each unique person and situation. 

  1. Initial consultation - assessment of the psychological harms, context and impact. 

  2. Forensic review of background materials – analysis of the level of targeted risk present, and the potential for future risk of persistence, aggression and violence, and development of an individualised treatment plan.

  3. Subsequent consultations – ongoing treatment sessions, following a detailed implementation plan, solutions and strategies.

Code Black Private can provide additional support to processes implemented and monitored, including but not limited to engagement with other clinical and legal services and specific report write-up. We offer:

  • Assessment for current or potential legal matters;

  • Treatment for recovery, peace of mind and safety planning;

  • Staking log compilation.



Over a third of stalking cases result in PSTD for the victim 

Family Violence Intervention Orders

Changes to Intervention Orders in the Victorian Magistrates Court - From 24th July 2019


We are not a bulk-billing service. Medicare rebates are available when a mental health care plan (MHCP) is obtained from you GP. Consultation fees and rebates differ amoung Code Black psychologists. 

To see if our service is suitable for you, you can contact us directly to discuss your situation prior to obtaining a MHCP. 

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and acknowledge them as traditional owners of the land upon which we live and work. We pay our respects to their elders, past and present, and future.

Charter of Human Rights

Freedom of Information


Mail: PO Box 1198 Darling, Victoria, Australia 3145

We kindly request that all contact in the first instance be via email.

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