Professional Coaching, Mentoring & Supervision 



Dr Warren is a clinical/forensic psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with the most complex people in the country....
Supervision for Psychologists 

Dr Lisa Warren is a Board-approved supervisor in her endorsed areas of practice of clinical and forensic psychology. She is available for supervision of 5+1 psychologists and registrars in clinical or forensic psychology.

Dr Warren also offers individual and group peer supervision for practitioners seeking one-off or ongoing supervision on a range of complex clinical, forensic and ethical issues. Her experience is highly sought after by other practitioners in organisations, government and private practice to provide expertise in their clients presentations. 

Coaching & Mentoring

Code Black provides evidence-based advice and guidance on the identification and management of problem behaviours. From point-in-time coaching to ongoing mentoring, Code Black scaffolds decision making to ensure risks are identified and responses are defensible.

The advice we provide supports compliance with SafeWork Australia’s expectations for identifying psychosocial hazards in the workplace, particularly where that hazard stems from aggressive staff, clients or members of the public airing grievances using problem behaviours.

Industries and areas Code Black advises include:

  • HR/IR lawyers representing their clients in sensitive disputes, such as cases where one or more parties suffer complex mental health problem/personality disorders

  • Problem behaviours resulting in misconduct allegations

  • Reputational damage from complaints aired in mainstream/social media

  • Taking a trauma-informed approach to problem behaviour mitigation

  • Containing the workload and fears in cases of persistent and vexatious complaining

Dr Lisa Warren

Teams tasked with managing

complex individuals with limited resources receive regular professional development sessions with Dr Lisa Warren...pre nominated cases are unpacked and options explored using empirical evidence base leading to enhanced team member confidence and agile case management.