Code Black Family Violence

Multidisciplinary Approach - Combining
Forensic Psychology | Law | Policing

Psychological violence has a greater and longer lasting impact than physical many cases the victims just want to be left alone however this is the greatest challenge as many systems do not understand the complexities. 

Multidisciplinary teams that collaborate are far more effective in navigating the complexities of psychological aggression. 


Code Black Private is a specialist clinical service that combines our knowledge to effectively work with the legal profession and police. We truely understand victims perspective and provide cut through support for individuals who are being, or have been, targeted by interpersonal harms anywhere in their world (such as workplace, education, online or family).

Our premium services provide clarity and practical ways forward to individuals, including those experiencing harms such as:

  • Family violence

  • Stalking

  • Bullying

  • Harassment

  • Cyber-based harm.


Understanding you situation is our speciality, aiding your legal team or the police provides a team that cuts through the challenges victims have. We work with lawyers, individuals, organisations.


Our comprehensive assessments and reports with detailed findings and recommendations are sought after by policing, health providers and legal firms. 

Courts decision making is not predictable, many times victims do not present as credible witnesses due to the level of trauma they have endured....
Coercive Control

Psychological injuries leave no visible mark

Sad Girl in the Window

A woman subjected to years of

coercive control struggled with 

debilitating shame. The legal system grappled to understand the extent of her trauma as it was not visible, Dr Lisa Warren supported her to make sense of her situation and present a compelling account of her experience to the court, to enable the protection required from her former partner

Case Examples
Family Violence

Expert Opinion for the courts

Deep Stare

Family violence has received much attention, however victims still face the uncertainty of police and court responses. Courts are tasked with making findings

in both civil and criminal matters, relying heavily upon the credibility of the witnesses to make a ruling. Where victims have been heavily impacted one perpetrator was capable of misleading the justice system and controlling his victim for years through stalking!

The emotional and financial toll unfathomable, Code Black provided the forensic assessment to unpack the case and provide police with the impetus and understanding to pursue a criminal case. The courts relied upon Dr Lisa Warren's insights to finally take action needed to effectively protect the victim and children.


Over a third of stalking cases result in PSTD for the victim 

Girl Sitting

Victims of persistent psychological

harm experience enduring and deep 

injuries. Over a third of stalking cases can result in PTSD, whether online or in person.  The individual incidents for one woman did not meet the threshold police required to take the matter further as they had children and the contact was excused as 'legitimate.' Code Black presented a different view to compel action.

Family Violence Intervention Orders

Changes to Intervention Orders in the Victorian Magistrates Court - From 24th July 2019

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New conditions

The Magistrates Court in Victoria now has categories of conditions that can be applied to intervention orders.


It is important to understand the complexity of the behaviours your case has so as to best provide the evidence required to support your claim, ensure safety and mitigate potential breaches.

Categories can be grouped and it is also possible to draft free text orders.

To date Victoria Police are not aligned with these categories.