Code Black Private

Few services provide a focus on those targeted by problem behaviour. Code Black Private offers the insights and understandings the legal system alone can not to enable protection strategies for individuals...

Code Black Private is a specialist clinical service for individuals who are being, or have been, targeted by interpersonal harms anywhere in their world (such as workplace, education, online or family).

Our premium services provide clarity and practical ways forward to individuals, including people in the professional community, who are experiencing harms such as:

  • Stalking;

  • Bullying;

  • Harassment;

  • Family violence;

  • Cyber-based harm.

Staffed by postgraduate-trained female psychologists, Code Black Private offers a safe space for genuine validation of your concerns, evidence-based treatment, and practical interventions for physical and psychological safety, with measurable outcomes.

We use a clinically informed approach which we tailor to each unique person and situation. 

  1. Initial consultation - assessment of the psychological harms, context and impact. 

  2. Forensic review of background materials – analysis of the level of targeted risk present, and the potential for future risk of persistence, aggression and violence, and development of an individualised treatment plan.

  3. Subsequent consultations – ongoing treatment sessions, following a detailed implementation plan, solutions and strategies.

Code Black Private can provide additional support to processes implemented and monitored, including but not limited to engagement with other clinical and legal services and specific report write-up. We offer:

  • Assessment for current or potential legal matters;

  • Treatment for recovery, piece of mind and safety planning;

  • Staking log compilation.

Code Black Private is not a bulk-billing service. Medicare rebates are available when a mental health care plan (MHCP) is obtained by your GP. Alternately, send us an email directly to discuss your situation.

Consultation fees may differ among Code Black psychologists.