Meet The Code Black Team

Dr Lisa Warren

Clinical Forensic Psychologist

Dr Lisa Warren, founder of Code Black, is a Clinical/Forensic Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in the Monash University School of Psychiatry. 

Core areas of expertise include management of:

  • Mental health and well-being

  • Psychological safety

  • Violence risk and threat assessment

  • Sexual assault and sexual harassment

  • Stalking

  • Deliberate self harm and suicide risk


Lisa was the Foundation President of the Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and is on the senior editorial board of Journal of Threat Assessment and Management. Her research on threatening communications is internationally acclaimed and she provides lecturers and key note addresses in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Europe. Her research involves collaborations with researchers from Australia, Europe and the Unites States.

  • Forensically informed ADR

  • Persistent and unreasonable complaining

  • Family violence

  • Deception and impression management

  • Ethics in mental health practice

Tamara Bobera

Clinical Psychologist

Tamara's experience included therapeutic work in community mental health settings, hospital (inpatient/outpatient), aged care and forensic settings (prison and youth detention centre) where she has worked with individuals across different developmental periods that experienced various mental health difficulties. 

Particular expertise includes:

  • Mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder

  • Anxiety disorders, including social anxiety, generalised anxiety and panic

  • Personality disorders

  • Trauma related disorders

  • Grief and loss

  • Emotion regulation and anger management

Ruby Basocak


Ruby is a registered psychologist who has worked in the forensic setting (including prisons and criminal justice system), in schools, and with organisations. She brings expertise specifically in the areas of complex family violence and stalking. She has experience in clinical assessments, including multiple and complex needs assessments and the development of care plans. Her dedication to help those in need see's her thoroughly prepare and followup with clients and families ensuring the human element is at the fore when working with clients.

Experience and interests include:

  • Anxiety disorders, including social anxiety, generalised anxiety and panic

  • Family violence 

  • Stalking

  • Violence risk and threat assessment

  • Multiple and complex needs cases 

Michael Alday

MBA, Juris Doctor Candidate

Michael's career spans large international organisations servicing government, education, private enterprise and health sectors. With extensive experience in data management, IT governance, compliance and risk management. He has worked in these areas for large national and, multinational corporations such as Fuji Xerox. Michael has an MBA with a sub major in strategic management, and corporate law. He is completing a Juris Doctorate. Michael brings to Code Black a wealth of expertise in the application of standards and governance to workplaces. This experience has translated into the behavioural threat assessment and management field, bringing a multidisciplinary element to the team at Code Black.

Experience and interests include:

  • Organisational risk

  • Individual risk

  • Policy

  • Governance

  • Training

  • Behavioural Threat Assessment and Management - Legal obligations and considerations

Sarah Chamberlain

Provisional Psychologist

Sarah is a provisional psychologist who worked closely with Code Black on complex cases, along with vulnerable teens and the challenges they face in the schooling system. Her dedication and passion to help those in need see's her thoroughly prepare and develop practical strategies for her clients ensuring their individual circumstances are explored and validated to provide a platform to contribute positively to society.

Experience and interests include:

  • Young adults, youth and children

  • Anxiety disorders, including social anxiety, generalised anxiety and panic

  • Deliberate self harm and suicide risk

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