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Ensuring accurate and timely advice is supplied to health practitioners, staff and carers is crucial to minimise the risk people of concern pose to them self and others.


Acutely complex mental health issues especially when mixed with pre-morbid diagnosis that may be influenced by substance misuse is a challenging combination. Ensuring accurate and timely advice is supplied to health practitioners and carers is crucial to minimise the risk these individuals pose to them self and others.

Our forensic clinical psychologists insight help provide the insights and understanding as to why some complex individuals may interact in a dysfunctional and harmful way, application of these insights into meaningful and pragmatic management strategies offering a way forward for organisations tasked with managing highly complex cases.


The following services and expertise is available for health services.

  • Complex presentation psychological assessments:

    • multi-faceted case formulation of complex psychopathology

    • association between damaging behaviours​ and complex psychopathology

    • trauma and complex trauma disorder assessments

  • Psychologically informed litigation strategy and advice

  • Legal reports and expert evidence for Courts

  • Risk assessments:

    • general and targeted violence risk

    • association between risk to self and others​

    • stalking risks

    • family violence risks

    • persistence risks

    • problem behaviour management​:

      • aggression and violence​

      • threats to harm or kill self and/or others

      • sexual assault and sexual harassment

      • stalking

      • social media harms

  • Family violence services:​

    • intimate partner violence ​

    • assessments for Child Protection

    • elder abuse evaluations

    • financial abuse and financial capacity assessments

  • Organisational consulting services supporting the prevention and resolution of:

    • policy and process consultations

    • persistent and unreasonable complaints

    • sexual assault and sexual harassment ​

    • aggression, threats and violence

    • social media harms and reputation damage

    • workplace harassment and bullying

    • insider threats

    • psychological safety and healthy workplace cultures

    • OH&S obligations for psychologically safety

    • strategic policy development and support for implementation​​

Intractable high risk cases pose a significant drain on resources and those tasked with managing these complex individuals in the community, Code Black cuts through the complexities to provide insights and practical advice that works...
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